Korean War US Navy Mk 2 Mae-West Life Preserver
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Korean War US Navy Mk 2 Mae-West Life Preserver


Korean war era US Navy pilot Mark 2 life vest, made of coated yellow nylon cloth, (1st pattern without the "Dye-Marker" and "Shark-Repellent" extra pockets). Made by GOOD YEAR TYRE COMPANY. Dated 1946. Complete with all straps, both triggering devices, oral inflation tube, tin distress light marker and period correct dye-marker and shark repellent pouches. Also included is the WESTERN survival knife, complete with original scabbard. Stamped BUAER U.S.N  (Bureau of Aeronautics). Perfect for a F-9F Panther or F-2 Banshee pilot. Later vests will be orange and used in the early years of Vietnam war before being replaced by the Mk-3C flotation belt. Helmet and flight suit aren't included.

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