US Navy SV-2B Jet Pilot Survival Vest 1980-90's
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US Navy SV-2B Jet Pilot Survival Vest 1980-90's


US Navy or Marine Corps jet pilot SV-2B survival vest dated 1979. Modified for ejection seats equipped aircrafts with cut lower straps (vest is directly fastened to the torso harness rings with lower carabiners). Several pockets for JPK knife, survival kits, shroud cutter, AN/PRC-90 survival radio, Mk13 Mod0 flare/smoke signal, survival drinking water flask, signalling mirror, survival whistle, Mk79 pen flare with flares and rigger modified SDU-5 distress light marker, etc. These vests were standard issue for F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornet, A-6 Intruder and many other US Navy aircrafts aircrews.


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