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MA-2 US Navy F-14 Tomcat Pilot Torso Harness
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MA-2 US Navy F-14 Tomcat Pilot Torso Harness


Fully loaded US Navy or Marine Corps pilot torso harness and life preserver set. The MA-2 torso harness is a rigger modification with survival vest pouches directly stitched on the harness. Dated 1978. Rare XL size. Complete with upper and lower KOCH buckles to attach the harness to the ejection seat's parachute, oxygen mini-regulator zippered cover and the very rare oxygen mask protection pouch. Large recovery ring. The harness is sold with the LPU-23 life preserver and Dye-Marker pouch. Also included are the rigger modified shroud cutter, AN/PRC-90 survival radio, Mk13 Mod0 flare/smoke signal, survival drinking water flask, signalling mirror, survival whistle, Mk79 pen flare with flares and rigger modified SDU-5 distress light marker, all matching the special compartments inside the harness pouches. These harnesses were standard issue for F-14 Tomcat, F-18 Hornet, A-6 Intruder and many other US Navy aircrafts aircrews. Outstanding condition. The oxygen mask isn't included.


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