1968 US Air Force US Army Pilot Overwater Survival Kit
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1968 US Air Force US Army Pilot Overwater Survival Kit


Rare & complete Vietnam era aircraft pilot survival kit "OVERWATER", used during the Vietnam War by the US Army and Air Force. The kit is complete and includes :

  • OD/Orange reversible hat x1

  • Mosquito headnet x1

  • LRU-3/P raft with CO2 cylinder and paddles

  • Survival Manual x1

  • Spoon x1

  • Food rations x3

  • Sea water desalter kit x3

  • Fishing kit x1

  • Matches x3

  • Trioxane fuel x3

  • Mk-13 Mod-0 smoke flares signals x2

  • Compass MC-1 x1

  • Water bladder x1

  • Aviator 1st Aid Camouflaged Kit
  • Whistle x1

  • Mirror Mk-3 x1

  • Pocket Knife Camillus x1

  • Raft repair kit

  • Sunburn ointment x1

  • Waterproof match case x1

  • Packing list x1  

All the items are dated or matching the 1967-1969 period. The accessories are packed inside an aluminum tray which can be used as a frying pan. It's packed in an OD bag and a zippered pouch with straps and hooks which can be attached to a parachute harness. Mint condition. This kit has been illustrated in Michael S. Breuninger "US MILITARY COMBAT AIRCREW INDIVIDUAL SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT" on page 92.





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