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US Navy USMC Pilot Loaded CMU-33 Survival Vest
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US Navy USMC Pilot Loaded CMU-33 Survival Vest


Outstanding US Navy & US Marine Corps survival vest and life preserver for C-130, H-1, H-3, H-46, H-60, AH-1 and H-53 pilots and aircrews. Vest is a CMU-33 Type I with integrated recovery harness and LPU-21 life preserver. The fully loaded equipment weights about 20 lbs with inner and outer pockets containing : L'ensemble pèse une dizaine de kilos, il est complet avec dans les poches extérieures et intérieures:

  • Survival Packet Type 1-A (which includes magnesium firestarter, sunscreen & insect control, waterbag, trioxane fuel, pocket knife, stone sharpener) -

  • Chaparral Card, pathfinder handbook, map measuring device, pilot's relief bag, 2 cyalume lightsticks, face camo box & tube, orange marker cloth, insect net & mittens, firestarter

  • 2 more pilot relief bags and more light sticks -knife sharpener on keyring, Iraqi Basic Language Survival Guide, 2 Stay Alert gums, fold-up razor knife, fold-up saw, tech manual for vest, plus weapons ID card, signaling card, other cards, survival manual

  • Ear plugs

  • Ontario ASEK survival knife and shroud cutter

  • MS-2000 Distress Marker light in pouch -

  • Cyalune PML Personnel Marker Light

  • Emergency Signal Mirror -Casualty Blanket -Ontario Cord Cutter -Tourniquet, first aid kit -brass snare wire, fishing kit -

  • Working AN/PRC 112 Radio with Battery

  • Automatic Pistol holster

  • MX-995/U angle flashlight

  • HEED SRU-40/P Emergency Oxygen Tank with hose and mouth piece


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